It is an honor

to serve as President of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce in 2018.  My years as a Chamber member and then on the Board of Directors has helped me to understand how fortunate we are to have such an asset amongst us.  The business world has taught all of us how helpful and important it is to work together on issues because there is real strength in numbers.

During my Presidency I hope to help our Chamber continue to grow with members who see the value of  a great leader in Executive Director John Somes and in Assistant Director Robin Foster.  My intent is to promote our progress and motivate businesses to join and participate because that will only make us better and stronger.

Our Chamber does many things to enhance our business community in the Greater Beverly area by bringing people together in different venues.  Sometimes it’s just a handshake at an after hours that could be most helpful to someone in need of some guidance.  Other times it’s a conversation during an event that sparks an interest in someone thereby prompting a business opportunity that would never have come up otherwise.

We are a very fortunate Chamber to also have the likes of Membership Chair Mark Pecukonis who focuses on increasing membership and in keeping current members happy.  Our speaker series is tremendously well received by many.  Meg Kelley does a superb job in attracting interesting and sought after people who have a real story to tell.  In fact, we will begin that series in 2018 with Dr. Dick Wylie, President of Endicott College.

We are always interested in meeting new people and in learning from our business community as to how we can help support their efforts and to “get the word out” about what they do.  Please feel welcome to attend our events and programs, learn of all the good we do and the resources we provide.  I can guarantee you will be impressed and you will appreciate The Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for this opportunity and my real goal is to do all you proud in 2018.

Al Temkin

Al Temkin, President 2018


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