After receiving a 20% increase in my Blue Cross plan, I contacted my current agent and as an independent contractor I was limited in what they   could offer to reduce my out of pocket costs.  John and Robin reminded   me of the Health plan options through the chamber – so I called. The process was extremely easy and effective.  The representative  from HSA was knowledgeable and responsive.  As a member of the larger   organization I was able to access group plans that I did not have access to   as an independent customer.  By reviewing the available plans I was able   to locate a high deductible option with comparable features to my current plan that was appropriate for my family that will reduce my fixed cost by close to $4,000/year. The key is access to more options – the plan I found existed already but I  could not access it without a larger group to affiliate with – now I have   that resource at no additional cost as a member of the chamber!