How/Why did you first start or join your business? I first joined BAYADA Home Health Care after having a loved one, unfortunately, need home care services. After seeing how personal and impactful those services are, not only for the client but for the whole family, I knew I wanted to work in this field. Once I learned about BAYADA and how the whole mission, vision, and values really resonated with me, I was so happy to have the opportunity to join BAYADA and then eventually open our office here on the North Shore in December 2017.

What products or services does your business provide? Our office provides non-medical home care services to adults and seniors to help them live independently at home with respect, dignity and independence. We provide care to a wide range of individuals and can assist with anything from escorts to appointments, light homemaking, bathing, safety supervisions all the way up to support during end of life care.

What makes your business or your product unique? BAYADA Home Health Care is a non-profit business that started in 1975 and was founded by Mark Baiada, although we have grown through the years and have offices in 23 states, each office really has a small, intimate feel. All of our clients are assigned a Client Services Manager and they have one point of contact which makes it very personal. We also have the support of the larger company feel to help guide decisions and lobby with stakeholders. I feel like it is the best of both worlds!

What made you decide to become a member of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce? We were relatively new to Beverly and I wanted to opportunity to meet and network with other business leaders and really get to know the other businesses and how we can support them. It has been a wonderful experience and the connections I have made have been great, the community here is so welcoming and supportive.

How has the current situation with Covid-19 affected your business, and what changes have you made due to the situation? COVID-19 has kept us very busy! We have implemented many new policies, such as PPE requirements, screening requirements, and visit requirements. We are fortunate enough to have a full infection prevention team dedicated to our COVID-19 efforts and provide guidance from the start as well as working to secure PPE. We are hyper vigilant to ensure the highest quality of care and safety precautions. It was definitely a whirlwind at first but we have settled into a new routine and hypervigilance. I am so proud of how adaptive and courageous all of the office and field staff have been since the very beginning, allowing us to continue to provide the very best care for our clients.

For more information on BAYADA HOME HEALTH CARE, contact Courtney at or by phone at 978-922-0186.