How/Why did you first start or join your business? Sperling Interactive was started in 2008. Previously, I worked as a photojournalist and managed multiple websites for newspapers. I saw the digital world was taking off and became interested in that form of storytelling.
What products or services does your business provide? Our six key services are web design and development, search engine marketing, photography and video, branding, graphic and print design, and content creation.
What makes your business or your product unique? Everything we make is completely custom. We don’t believe in templates. We have seventeen creatives on staff and they all ensure our work is high quality.
What made you decide to become a member of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce? Even though we’re based in Salem, we love Beverly and its vibrant business community.
How has the current situation with Covid-19 affected your business, and what changes have you made due to the situation? For one of our existing clients, we built a training portal, which allows their new employees to be trained remotely. We have seen upticks in ecommerce solutions for restaurants and retail stores. Additionally, we purchased a 360 degree camera for virtual tours. These tours have been great for schools, travel organizations, and realtors.
For more information on SPERLING INTERACTIVE contact Mike at [email protected].