If you would like to tell how us the Chamber has worked for you, email Robin at rfoster@greaterbeverlychamber.com.

“The Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce has provided me an outlet to conduct professional and effective networking throughout my years as a entrepreneur in the North Shore.  John and his staff are always available with any questions, and they provide the tools for any motivated business owner to further grow his or her business.  I recommend signing up for the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce and taking advantage as often as possible – whether it be after work social events, education seminars, or simply scheduling casual networking meetings with fellow members.”

Derek Maxfield | Fitness Together.  GBCC Board Member

“After receiving a 20% increase in my Blue Cross plan, I contacted my current agent and as an independent contractor I was limited in what they   could offer to reduce my out of pocket costs.  John and Robin reminded   me of the Health plan options through the chamber – so I called. The process was extremely easy and effective.  The representative  from HSA was knowledgeable and responsive.  As a member of the larger   organization I was able to access group plans that I did not have access to   as an independent customer.  By reviewing the available plans I was able   to locate a high deductible option with comparable features to my current plan that was appropriate for my family that will reduce my fixed cost by close to $4,000/year. The key is access to more options – the plan I found existed already but I  could not access it without a larger group to affiliate with – now I have   that resource at no additional cost as a member of the chamber!”

Matthew Schroeder l  Integrated Financial Partners

“Since joining the Chamber in 2009 I have seen a great increase in my   business. Not only has it helped in sales, but I have met many other local   professionals who I now network and do business with. It is one of the best   things I have done for my business.”

Josh Givens | Kernwood   Building & Remodeling

“As a newer member, I have found the organization to be a tremendous resource. A smaller, more intimate group, the Chamber really encourages its members to forge strong relationships with one another. The chamber   leadership has been extremely instrumental in connecting me with other chamber members thus expanding my North Shore network. Additionally, because of the strong connections I have established, I feel confident and  comfortable when attending the larger networking programs in the North Shore area.”

Tracey Hartford | Windover   Development 

“I have been a member for many years, and have met my biggest and   best clients through my association with the Chamber.  I got these   clients by “showing up” at as many events as possible, and always   presenting myself in a positive, professional manner.  I never expect to   get business from attending a single event, but the cumulative effect of  attending as many events as possible has been a large factor in the growth of my business over the years.  The Chamber has been a wonderful resource for me, and I encourage all members to attend as many events as   possible.  It works.”

Mark Goldberg l  MAG   Promotional Products

“My first month as a member of the Chamber I signed 3 new annual clients   for marketing coaching services from chamber members.  Five years later,   the Chamber continues to be one of the best investments I have made for my   company, Purple Diamond.  The key is to be active in the organization, attend as many events as possible and follow-up with the members you meet and   connect with them on various Social Media Marketing platforms.

Charlene St. Jean l Purple   Diamond LLC

“Dear Chamber:  I am writing to thank you for  referring me to John Vigliotti and HSA (Health Services Administrators). This is the month that we renew our family-owned company’s health insurance policy, and the renewal rates from our existing insurer were simply too high to accept. John V. gave me very quick service and forwarded a detailed quote from several different health insurers. He helped me digest all the plan information, and helped me to select a good plan with Neighborhood Health Plan. Our new policy with NHP has features very similar to our former   plan, but we are saving $600 per month in premiums!  Thanks,   Chamber!!”

Carla   S. Cox |  Handley & Cox   P.C.

“The, “Coffee with the Coach”, sessions provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with the attendees as well as discussing a topic of interest. These sessions are a wonderful way to start your week for success.”

Hannah Stringer, Admiral Concierge, Wellness, Lifestyle Resources

“I would like to write and thank ALL OF YOU for the amazing Business Expo last week at the North Shore Music Theatre.  I have attended many expos and the GBCC Business Expo is by far THE BEST hands down.  It was a great event, clearly well planned and I had FUN while connecting with dozens of area business leaders.  I am now aware of what a great chamber I have become involved in, and I am so very grateful”

Laurie Pender-Sweetser, Kindrid

“Although we are new to the Greater Beverly Chamber our experience with the Chamber Leadership and member base has revealed how important it is to the growth of our Club.  We have always been committed to the local communities and through this organization we have the ability to strengthen, expand our community involvement for years to come. “

– Pete Diffendal, Ferncroft Country Club

“Greater Beverly Chamber has made such a huge impact on our small business- we’ve been around for about 6 years and just recently relocated, and since joining the chamber we’ve met so many people through connections within the group! They’ve helped us gain new catering clients and every day customers, and they’ve been extremely supportive in helping us get the word out of our move to the Cummings Center. Best thing we ever did, becoming members of the Chamber of Commerce!”  

– Victoria Farnsworth,  Marino’s Café

“We love being part of the Greater Beverly Chamber of commerce. The events and mixers are great, we love meeting new people. The Chamber staff are very efficient, friendly and helpful. Not only do they answer our questions quickly, they refer other members to us all the time. WE even do work for the Chamber. Being a Chamber member is a win all the way around. I recommend being a member to all my clients. It’s the best advertising we do, and the biggest bang for your $.”

Dawn Pease, Dawn’s Sign Tech

“CareOne at Essex Park is a proud Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce member. The Chamber has been a tremendous asset to my outreach. The Chamber’s professional staff provides direct connections to enable us to form strategic relationships and opportunities to serve the community. There are a range of benefits and resources that the Chamber provides that enhances membership value and increases engagement. “

– Tracy Valletti, CareOne at Essex Park