Ambassador Committee
Open to all members.
The Ambassadors’ serve as the GBCC welcoming committee.  Committee members attend Ribbon Cuttings to welcome new members to the chamber. In addition, Ambassadors should attend monthly networking events to make sure “new or shy” members are introduced to other members and feel connected to the organization. If you love meeting new people and networking, this is the committee for you!  The ambassadors will also support the efforts of the membership committee during membership drives.

Business Awards Committee
Open to all members
Will Meet several months up to the event.
The Event Committee assists in planning and organizing the GBCC Business Awards.
While this is a short-term committee the organization begins several months prior to the event.

By-Law Committee
Open to Board Members
Short-term commitment
The By-law committee will review and update the GBCC by-laws as needed. The responsibilities should take no more than a month or two and reviewed every few years.

Golf Committee
Co-Chairs: Matt Piaker and Mike Jones
After speaking with Matt and Mike, the golf committee doesn’t need a full-blown committee meeting etc. Between the Co-chairs and staff, we have successfully organized two tournaments in ’20 and ’21 after having larger committees for this event.  That said if any board member would like to serve and help, we’ll put you to work!!! The committee meets mostly via email and as needed. Please let me know if you’d like to serve.

Government Affairs Committee
Co-Chairs:  Richard Vincent and Eric Immerman
Open to all members
Meeting Time:  1st Wednesday of each month at 8:00am
The Government Affairs Committee is committed to reviewing, developing, and supporting issues that promote a positive, pro-active economic environment and enhanced quality of life in the greater Beverly area and regionally. The purpose is to advocate for the business community to stimulate and grow the economy and generate jobs for the greater Beverly area. The GAC partners with local City department heads, community leaders and local, state and federal officials on issues that affect business.

Membership Committee
Co-Chairs: Jane McNally and Brad Hunt
Open to all members
The mission of the Membership Committee is to cultivate members, especially new and inactive ones, and to provide responses to the Chamber staff regarding needs and issues of concerned members. In addition, the Membership Committee will plan and organize a membership drive and engage Board members and other committees to support the drive.

Power of Women Committee
Co-Chairs: Linda Turcotte and Melissa McLaughlin
Open to All members
Meet as needed

The mission of the Power of Women Series is to educate, empower and inspire women either in or re-entering the workforce to network and learn from one another. “POW” organizes four events a year that offer fun and professional networking and educational opportunities for women to meet and learn from one another. The Committee meets to create the series at the end and beginning of each year, and then meets when necessary. Much of the communications is done via email

Social Media Action Committee (SMAC)
Co-Chairs: Jonathan Davis and Gwen Ryan

Open to All members
Meet as needed

The Social Media Action Committee (SMAC) is a team of facilitators helping Chamber members highlight their collaborations with other Chamber members outside of formal events.  The SMAC team is focused on leveraging Social Media channels in support of members to increase the organic reach of their content, maximize the length of time their content remains relevant, and to spotlight the collaborative opportunities created by GBCC membership.