How/Why did you first start or join your business?
Art,a retired technology CEO; Marc, a retail entrepreneur; and Eunice, a retired lawyer and financial executive, were looking for a family business to contribute to the community; fight climate change; provide real benefits to our clients; pay living wages with fair benefits; lots of technology and high quality, plus had great values. Nor’east Cleaners had everything we were looking for.
What products or services does your business provide?
We provide our clients:
Time saving: the average person spends over eight hours a month doing laundry. Nor’east Cleaners offers a premium laundry service with free pick-up and delivery to your home or office and 24/7 drop boxes, in addition, we save more time offering dry cleaning, rugs, bedding, shoes and linens, plus tailoring/alterations.
Confidence and positive attitudes: looking our best creates the feel-good benefits which have a significant positive impact on ourselves and those around us. We help our clients dress for success.
Peace of mind: Using professional cleaning techniques plus specialized detergents we sanitize clothes, coats, bedding, linens – all textiles. We kill bacteria and viruses to CDC standards.
What makes your business or your product unique?
We are the only dry cleaners in the five northern New England states to have been approved under the strict guidelines of the Green Cleaners Council. In our plant we use very advanced technology (5-axis robotics, AI, cutting-edge Chemistry, sophisticated capital equipment) to deliver an exceptional product. Our business employs a great team using advanced IT and communications to connect to our terrific clients with great convenience in their home or office
What made you decide to become a member of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce?
The main reason we joined the GBCC is the great affinity we have to the Greater Beverly community, and after doing some homework we found the GBCC leadership and members are the best we have encountered anywhere. We live in Beverly!
How has the current situation with Covid-19 affected your business, and what changes have you made due to the situation?
In April & May of 2020 we lost 82% of our business. It was tough because we also needed to support our Associates and their families, and be available to clean for emergency/frontline workers. Working a lot harder. Thankful for the PPP 1&2. Focused on what is important – quality, the Team and communications, and introducing new high quality services. Especially grateful for our customers, thank you very much.
Art can be reached by email: [email protected];
office: 978.283.4545; cell: 978.873.3000; text: 978.307.6700; Apps: Google Store and Apple Store
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